User Agreement

Terms and Conditions of membership of

1. Counsellors are to maintain appropriate public liability insurance. A copy of a current insurance certificate is to be provided to the manager upon initial registration and upon request at any time during the ongoing usage of the rooms.

2. All rooms usage is to be recorded in the online booking system (Counsellors can use the rooms for note taking and other non – client work if the room is not booked by another user).

3. Rooms are to be vacated prior to the end of the booked time. That is; counsellors are to finish on time and avoid going longer or over their booked hour.

4. Cancellation policy:

  • Users can cancel up to four hours per month without incurring a cancellation fee.
  • There is a $7 cancellation fee for each hour cancelled beyond the first four per month.
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice incur a $10 cancellation fee
    Cancellation charges will be included in monthly invoices.

5. Each counsellor is to be available to greet their own client at the front door and to see their client off the premises.

6. Rooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition.

7. Professional courtesy is to be shown to other counsellors and to the clients of other counsellors.

8. Rooms users are to pay their monthly invoice prior to due date (15 days after being sent via email). A $10 administration fee applies to overdue accounts.

Flexible & accessible counselling room booking in Carlton North and Fitzroy North.

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